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This page holds excerpts from my personal devotion notes. I hope that it will be beneficial.  Again, please have a Bible handy.  I read out of the NIV version of the Bible.

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Mathew 24:1-25

When the disciples, in verse 3, asked Jesus for a sign, He warned them not to be decieved.  When all we look for is signs, we become very susceptable to being decieved.  So, simply live a holy life and do not worry; but, always be ready.
Christians are already being put to death in certain countries.  The signs of the times are clear.  Jesus may tarry, or He may come now.  The key is to always be ready.
The commentary in my Bible says this about verses 15 & 16:
"What was this 'abomination that causes destruction' mentioned by both Daniel and Jesus?  Rather thatn one specific object, event, or person, it could be the deliberate attempt to mock and deny the reality of God's presence.  Daniels prediction came true in 168 B.C., when Antiochus Epiphanies sacrificed a pig to zeus on the sacred temple altar (Daniel 9:27; 11:30, 31).  Jesus' words were remembered in 70 AD when Titus placed an idol on the site of the burned temple when he destroyed Jeruselem.   In the end times, the antichrist will set up and image of himself and order everyone to worship it (2 Thessalonians 2:4; Revelation 13:14, 15).  These are all 'abominations that mock God.'"
As said before, DO NOT look too much to signs and DO NOT believe when people say "here is the Christ" because many will try to decieve us by performing miracles and signs.

Mathew 24:26-35

We must understand that Jesus' return will be unmistakeable (Mark 13:26); no one will doubt that it is He.  If you have to be told that Jesus has come, then He hasn't (24:27).  Christ's coming will be obvious to everyone.

Mathew 24:36-51

No one knows when our Lord Jesus will come except our Father in heaven.  Following an old Jewish tradition, when Jesus has prepared His house, His Father, God, will sen Him t o recieve His bride (the  church).

God will come at a time when no one will expect Him so as to only find the faithful servants with their lamps ready.

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