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Welcome to my personal Web Site!!

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My Site is organized in such a manner that when you click on the buttons under the banner, you go deeper into my Site.  If you were to click on Bible Talks, for example, you would go to another part of my Site that is totally devoted to talking about God and the Bible.  Then, when you are in this section (Bible Talks), several other buttons will appear at the side and new buttons will appear at the top.  The ones at the top will take you  "down" to pages of related topics while the ones on the side will take will take you to other topics that are under the button you pressed in the previous page.  Each page "underneath" the Home Page has a button which says "up."  This button will take you to a higher level.   For instance, if you were in a sub-section of "Bible Talks," you could click on the "up" button and it would take you to the page entitled Bible Talks.   I have made this Site so that there is a button to go to the Home Page at the top and a link to go to the Home Page at the bottom.

I encourage each of you to read the devotionals I have included in this Web Site under the navigation button entitled "Bible Talks."   I hope and pray that every letter on this Web Site will help your personal walk with Jesus Christ grow to a new level.

Also, feel free to browse the links which I have set up for you.  Each link goes to a Web Site that I have personally been to and enjoyed.  These links are under the button entitled "Cool information" along with information about me and what is going on in my life.

Thank you!!

Jeff Burnes Jr.

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